Roy L. Jeannotte
1948 - 2001

Our family never thought twice about heartburn. It runs rampant in the Jeannotte clan - shared discomfort eased by Family Size cartons of over-the-counter chewables, passed from generation to generation around the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving 2001 was very different for us. That Thursday was the last day we sat at the Thanksgiving table with our beloved husband and father. He died early the next morning. Heartburn had led to esophageal cancer, which quickly led to his death.

We struggle to think of the higher cause that may have taken him from us. Perhaps those who died on September 11 needed homes built in Heaven by one of the most respected and compassionate general contractors in Central Massachusetts. Maybe he had succeeded in doing what he'd been here to do, and was off to bring love and laughs to others. Or maybe it was simply the cancer that took him, a disease that even our greatest of heroes couldn't take to its knees.

Months later, we think back on him and smile. Those tremendous bear hugs, the joy in his eyes, the way he lived his 53 years of life to the absolute fullest. No one was more proud of each of us. Today, he continues to be a role model - the way he inspired those he worked with, the delight he brought to his friends, the way he fried a turkey, roasted a pig and shared his best wine. And while we will mourn our loss for years to come, we feel blessed that we had him to love.

We started the Roy L. Jeannotte Memorial Foundation to celebrate Roy's love for life, and to help fund much-needed esophageal cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Our family is committed to spreading the word about early detection and to help fund research that isolates the gene that leads to this horrible disease.

So please, visit your doctor if you have recurring heartburn and do whatever you can do to help our cause. With time and the right resources, we can beat this.


Thank you for your support,

Ann Marie, Seth, Elena, Rachel and Allison Jeannotte
(pictured with Elizabeth Montgomery, M.D., center)

Founded in November 2001, the Roy L. Jeannotte Memorial Foundation funds research to cure esophageal cancer, the fastest growing cancer in the United States. In June 2002, the Foundation formed a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. Every dollar generated by the Foundation directly funds research to isolate the gene that causes esophageal cancer.

Facts about Esophageal Cancer

Long standing gastro-esophageal reflux (heartburn) is a predisposing factor Barrett's esophagus, a result of long-standing reflux is an early "precancerous" process
Americans at highest risk for Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer are white males over the age of 50 with long history of reflux.

Although gastro esophageal reflux disease is the costliest gastro disease, little federal funding is devoted to this problem.

With new technology, we have the power to better study this disease and eventually find a cure.

June 28, 2002 The Jeannottes visited the Johns Hopkins research facilities. Since then, they have been organiznig a Golf Classic in memory of their husband & father, Roy L. Jeannotte.



Photos of our visit to The Johns Hopkins
Reasearch Facilities.

Elena & Rachel Jeannotte with Tjarda Van Heek, M.D.


Rachel, Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue, M.D., Ph.D.,
Anne Marie, Elena & Seth


Jens Koopman, M.D. with Elena, Ann Marie,
Rachel Jeannotte, & Seth Jeannotte



The proceeds from the tournament will support the Johns Hopkins Fund for research - finding a cure for esophageal cancer - spearheaded by the Jeannotte family in memory of Roy and in celebration of his zest for life.

Please Join Us
Monday, September 29th
Oak Hill Country Club
Fitchburg, MA

Click here to download a registration form.

For information call 978-425-2333

Entry Fee: $200 per person ($800 per foursome)
Includes: Greens Fee, Cart, Driving Range, Lunch, Dinner, and Gift Bag.

Payment secures reservation. All reservations and sponsorships are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Player Registration Packets will be mailed one week prior to the tournament. The packet includes: directions, schedule for the day, rules, and prize information.


Schedule for the Day
•Registration and Lunch
•Driving Range and Putting Green Open
•Locker Rooms Available

•Shotgun Start

•Dinner and Awards Ceremony
•Silent Auction and Raffle


Sponsorship Opportunities
$4,100 - Dinner Sponsor: Foursome • Two Signs in Dining Room—“Dinner Sponsor…” • Clubhouse Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$3,500 - Putting Green Sponsor: Foursome • Two Signs at Putting Green • Clubhouse Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$2,500 - Driving Range Sponsor: Foursome • Two Signs at the Driving Range • Clubhouse Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$2,300 - Golf Cart Sponsor: Foursome • Company Name on Every Golf Cart • Clubhouse Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$2,000 - Hole Sponsor: Foursome • Sign in Dining
Room—“Luncheon Sponsor…” • Clubhouse Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$1,500 - Cocktail Hour Sponsor: Foursome • Hole Signs (one on tee, one on green) • Club House Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$1,500 - Beverage Cart Sponsor: Foursome • Sign in Dining Room—“Cocktail Hour Sponsor…” • Club House Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$1,200 - Tee/Green Sponsor: Foursome • Sign on
Beverage Cart • Club House Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$1,000 - Foursome “Friends” Sponsor: Foursome
• Tee or Green Sign • Club House Sponsor Board Listing
• Listing in Memorial Book

$800 - Foursome: Foursome • Club House Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$500 - Tee or Green Sign Sponsor: Sign on Tee or Green • Club House Sponsor Board Listing
• Listing in Memorial Book

$150 - 150 Yard Marker Sponsor: Sign on One 150 Yard Marker • Club House Sponsor Board Listing
• Listing in Memorial Book

$125 - Sand Trap Sponsor: Sign on Significant Visible Sand Trap • Club House Sponsor Board Listing • Listing in Memorial Book

$100 - “Friends”: • Listing in Memorial Book

To us, he was a role model—an adoring family man with a
just-for-you smile and unlimited bear hugs.
To you, he’s an inspiration—to live absolutely every minute to the fullest, work hard,
be generous, and
play unlimited
rounds of golf.
Your support of the Roy L. Jeannotte Memorial Golf
Classic will ensure
that esophageal
cancer, the most
rapidly increasing
cancer in the United States, gets the research funding it needs. Contributions
to the tournament
will directly benefit
the Roy L. Jeannotte Memorial Foundation, a non-profit
organization that
funds esophageal
cancer research at Johns Hopkins
Medical Institution.

We hope you’ll join us.
The Jeannotte Family


We welcome your words about Roy and about struggles with esophageal cancer.

Email Elena Jeannotte at with your thoughts.

Friends Ann and Lee Belliveau:

"To a Beautiful Man"

To imagine a world without you is incomprehensible.....
We will forever miss -
Your booming voice reverberating out over the Oak Hill Fairways. Your enthusiasm and passion for the game of golf..... Your knowledge and advice about fine wines.... Your bone-crushing he-man hugs..... Your genuine, hearty laughter from deep within..... Your love for all people..... Your joie de vivre, having lived fully all the days of your life..... Your integrity and reliability and loyalty..... Your ebullient, boundless good nature..... Your strong, steady leadership skills..... Your adoration and deep love for your children and your wife..... and so much more.
And now, because of our knowing you, now more strongly than ever before we realize-
How precious yet uncertain life is..... That if we can live our days as fully as you have lived yours, we will be so fortunate..... That we feel blessed for having known and loved you.

Friend Bruce Gurrall

No one was more fun to be with than Roy. It didn't matter what you were going to do with him - it was just being with him. He has a way of always making the other person feel good. He made you feel comfortable and important. He believed life was too great to drink bad wine.


Thank you in advance for your support in funding
much-needed esophageal cancer research.

Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to:

Elizabeth Montgomery, MD
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Department of Pathology
Ross 632, 720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21205

If you have questions about other ways to help, please contact Elizabeth Montgomery, MD at 410-955-3511 or


P.O. Box 415
Shirley, MA 01464

Phone: 978-425-2333
Fax: 978-425-9845

Elena Jeannotte